Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hot under the collar

Another day, another debacle.

Not only did a trip to London to visit a "job consultancy" prove fruitless (no specific roles, but more than happy to help me spend my own money on "marketing myself" more effectively), but I endured the joys of pre-Olympic London in 30 degree heat.
 - The ripe smell of rubbish drifting on the air
 - People in Olympic-branded outfits trying to get rid of their London maps
 - Southern trains providing a train with no opening windows and broken aircon (think "Alec Guinness in the sweat box" in Bridge over the River Kwai, and you won't be far off the mark).

Still, things could be worse - at least I was't trapped in a glass cable car 90 feet above the Thames for nearly an hour, or caught up in lengthy tailbacks as the Oplympic VIP lanes went active.

Thought for the day : There is invariably someone worse off than you.

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